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Line Dancing on Stilts  -  It's Official!! We have set a New World Record

As a part of Goulburn's 2006 Australia Day Celebrations (January 26th) 34 members of the Lieder Youth Theatre Company danced for over six minutes on stilts to set a New World Record for the greatest number of people Line Dancing on Stilts at the same time and at the same Venue. Our claim has been verified by The Book of Alternative Records. a prestigious european equivalent to the Guinness Book of World Records.
Youth Theatre Line Dancers

Congratulations to all who took part in this event.

A Success Story

Congratulations to Brittany Joyce, Carina Tattersall, Cassie Speer, Kirby Medway, Josh Churchill, Kieran Milward, Caitlin Bush, Jeremy Andrew and Jarrad Honeyman who, under the guidance of Judith, achieved First Place in the Drama section of Goulburn's 2005 Eisteddfod with their rendition of an exerpt from Urbs Urbis