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Goulburn Youth Theatre Archives


Lilac Time Parade Sunday 30th September
Chinese Lion - Jeremy Mutton, David Nell
Musicians - John Gunn, Kimberly Coll, Emma Killeen, Kathryn Brett
Stilts - Pete Nosworthy
Clowns on foot - Kieran Milward, Linden Fennamore, Shelly Taylor, Glen Wiltshire, Josh Churchill, Lillian & Jasper & Ella Dorman

Clowning, stilting, face painting Australia Day, Crookwell Country Fair, Australian Blues Festival, Anglicare, National Youth Week and Goulburn's Festival of Heritage and Roses


Just a Play - written by local young writers Kieran Milward and Kirby Medway, directed by Judith Boyd - performed by members of the Lieder Friday afternoon drama class
winner at Goulburn Eisteddfod and performed at the Day View and Lieder Christmas parties

The Four Little Girls - by Pablo Picasso a major regional collaboration with Canberra Youth Theatre, Yass High School Drama Students and The Highland School of Performing Arts - Artistic Coordination by Chrisjohn Hancock. Performed on the Lieder mainstage 5th 6th & 7th October 2007, touring to C-Block Theatre Gorman House, ACT on 14th October 2007
Chrisjohn Hancock

Assistant Director
Pauline J Mullen

Bill Dorman

Composer, musician
Adam Guzowski

shadow puppeteer
Lee Gray

Cassie Speer
Carina Tattersall
Alyssa Medway
Erad Weston
Kirby Medway
Jeremy Mutton
Lillian Dorman
Joshua Churchill
Katrina Churchill
& Gosh Waters

Film footage performers
Indigo Miller
Darcy O'Neil
Lucy Miller
Lillian Dorman
Ella Dorman

Kieran Milward
Shane Daly
Bill Dorman

Lighting operator
Jeremy Andrew

sound operator and additional sound scapes
Thady O'Connor

Projections operator
Shane Daly

Additional support
Jayne Fischer
With thanks to Shannon Logan at Goulburn High School

Acrobatic Fire Show for Australian Blues Music Festival in February performed in Belmore Park Goulburn to over 1000 spectators

Lion Dancing - for Goulburn's inaugural Chinese New Year Celebrations, performed by Jeremy Mutton, Javid Nell, Erad Weston & Josh Waters in Belmore Park to approximately 500 participants

Line Dancing on Stilts setting an official world record - Victoria Park Australia Day - performed by 34 members of the Lieder Youth Theatre company under the coordination of John Knops


Urbs Urbis - directed by Judith Boyd - performed by members of Lieder's Friday afternoon drama class. Winner at Goulburn Eisteddfod and performed at Goulburn Friendship Club Christmas Party and Lieder Christmas party

Exchange & Change - the 2nd Gathering of Regional Youth Theatre people - hosted and organised by the Lieder with over 60 participants from the Southern Tablelands, Highlands, South Coast and ACT and tutors from Bell Shakespeare, NIDA, NICA, and Stalker International performance group. 23 - 26 September 2005

Cop This - commissioned by the State Police Blue Light Department and performed by members of the Lieder Youth Theatre Co at Goulburn Police Academy. May 2005

Acrobatic Fire Show - for the Australian Blues Music Festival in February performed in Belmore Park attracting a record 1500 spectators over 2 performances

Dead One Done - a company-devised show about death & grieving for young people

The Gathering - over two days at Canberra Youth Theatre over Easter Holidays - to meet & unite regional youth performing arts groups from Southern NSW and the ACT

Acrobatic Fire Show - Australian Blues Festival - two performances in February in Belmore Park


Ubu by Alfred Jarry performed as part of Artstart Festival and LYTC's 10th birthday
15-19 October Lieder Foyer Theatre directed by Chrisjohn Hancock
Nick Nell The Sign Man, Prince Billikins, Norbert Nurdle, Russkie Soldier, Barmpot, musician

Matthew Taylor
Père UBU
Joshua Phillips
Mère UBU, The 47th Mounted Foot & Mouth Battalion, General Custard

Idris Stanton Dogpile, Cashnag, Bear, Sea Captain, Cashhound, Nob, Judge, Russkie Soldier

Jai Joyce King Wenceslas, Balonian Soldier, McClub, Chap, Councillor, Nob, Judge, Ghost

Amy Rawle Queen Rosamond, Nick Nackerley, Nob, Tsar of Russkieland, Balonian Citizen, Banker, Chap

David Nell Prince Silly, Peasant, Nob, Banker, Balonian Soldier, Russkie Soldier, Councillor, Ghost, waiter

Callum Fitzsimmons Prince Willy, Messenger, Balonian Soldier, Fast Freddie, Ghost, Peasant, Russkie Soldier, Guard

Jeremy Mutton Big Bad Bernie, Wallop, Clerk of the Court, Ghost, Balonian Soldier, Guard, Citizen

The play is set in the kingdom of Baloney. No particular time.

The Ubu plays, especially King Ubu, quickly became one of the most influential avant-garde creations of the twentieth century. Among the movements owing debts to the plays were Cubism, Dada, Expressionism, Futurism, surrealism and the Theatre of the Absurd.

Ubu provided inspiration for the Marx Brothers, the Goon Show, Mad magazine, Monty Python's Flying Circus, films such as Airplane and the Naked Gun series, and The Simpsons.

Ubu has received funding from the NSW Government through the Department of Education and Training -TAFE Access Division and Southern Tablelands Arts (STARTS) Inc.

Forks'n All (a feast for peace) - a five hour community arts festival performance at St Saviour's Cathedral photographed by Jackie Rankin

Created and presented by the Lieder Theatre Company in conjunction with St Saviour's Cathedral
a community festival celebration promoting and performing for peace

Saturday 26th July 2003

1. Cathedral Hall
coordinator Pauline J Mullen
Your Host Bill Dorman
Argyle County Ceilidh Band
Grace by Dean Kenyan McKie

Food Hall Caterers
Nette Pooley & the Filipino community, Hee-Lian Foreman and Malaysian-Singaporean families and friends, Mary Mylonas & Southern Highlands Food, Kathy Dunn & Leah Edge at St Saviour's Cathedral, Jan Benton, Carol Divall, Debbie, Ashley, Richard & Jess Shoppee, Elsmarket Barn, Bryants Bakery-café, Eric Viola & Goulburn Italian Pizza Restaurant, Jessi's Pizza & Kebab,
Assisted by
Arianne Lewis, Aileen Llewellyn, Tim Foley, Eliza Nolan, Bruce Gerard, Charmaine Wilson, Tegan Constable

Wood-be Angel
Linden Fennamore, Jack Weston, Matilda Edwards, Zoe-Jayne Jones, Lillian Dorman

Presentations by
Serena Scarlet, Doreen Mullen, Kathy Ross, Hee-Lian Foreman & Chinese Malaysian community, A Chorus of Women
2. Lawn
coordinator Brian Richardson
Sound by Katie Tapp

Alan Green & Goulburn Tai Chi Club
A Chorus of Women (Canberra Choir)

Kathy Campbell Melissa Hillyar
Kerry Joyce Judith Kay
Clair Mooney Jenny Nell
Kathy Ross Rebecca Canty

Katrina Churchill Brittany Joyce Caitlin Bush Carina Tattersall Ayla Caddey

Elise Routledge & Jessica Shoppee
Assisted by Katie Tapp, Bethany James, Callum Routledge
shadow puppets made by Lee Gray

Sea Creatures
Alexander Edwards Gemma Gowan
Kieran Milward Lachlan Edwards
Caroline Bentley Josh Phillips
Beth Greenhalgh Idris Stanton
Michael Baldwin Bethany James
Jai Joyce Nick Nell David Nell

3. The Parkland
coordinator Colin Simson
assisted by Brian Hill, Geoff Emerton, Arianne Lewis & Katie Tapp

musician Janawirri Yiparrta-Forrest on didgeridoo
Callum Routledge Anthony Kranitis
Sam McMahon Anthony Chalker

Shadow dancers
Jessica Shoppee & Elise Routledge
The Battle
Michael Baldwin Idris Stanton
Jai Joyce Nick Nell
Alexander Edwards Elise Routledge
Gemma Gowan Caroline Bentley
Jessica Shoppee…… Beth Greenhalgh
Matt Daly Lachlan Edwards
David Nell Kieran Milward
War Creatures
Peter Nosworthy & Josh(ua) Phillips

Fire permit Kerry Joyce
Fire/acrobat tutor Karen Yaldron

The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth
by JRR Tolkien
Torhthelm Stephen Convery
Tídwald Martin Sanders
Beorhtnoth Idris Stanton
Cart Eric Hunt/ Mulwaree Shetland Stud

Monks of Ely Cathedral
Richard Shoppee David Rayner
Marc Nell Mick Young
David O'Brien

Goulburn Bell Ringers coordinated by Linda Yeadon
A Chorus of Women conducted by Glenda Cloughly
Piper Sean Gore

4. Cathedral
Stagemanager Martin Yeadon
Requiem for Peace composed and performed by Ian Lipscomb
Didgeridoo Janawirri Yiparrta-Forrest
Trinity Catholic School Choir
conducted by Marianne Hupalo
Lights Fiona Churchill

The Women
Judith Kay Jessica Shoppee
Elise Routledge . Doreen Mullen
Kerry Joyce .. Melissa Hillyar
Kathy Campbell Bethany James
Puppet women made by Elise Routledge & Josh Phillips
Glass tears made by Blanche Tilden

The Men
David O'Brien Richard Shoppee Jai Joyce Marc Nell David Rayner Mick Young

The Children
Mark Churchill Lachlan Edwards Callum Fitzsimmons Caitlin Bush Katrina Churchill Ayla Caddy Brittany Joyce David Nell

Additional credits
The peace cake made by Verena Kurr
Peace Image Design & production Barbara Nell
Wardrobe Pauline J Mullen
construction assistants Brian Hill Geoff Emerton
Promotion Aileen Llewellyn
Recording Jack Mullen/ Peter McLaren & Si-fonics Studio
Rigging on the Tower Don Hayes & his team at Southern Highlands Abseil Adventures
Flag pole donated by Steel 'n Stuff Rigging on the Light poles Country Energy
Rigging on the ground Alan Joyce & the Goulburn Scouts/ Goulburn Girl Guides
Goulburn Disposals, Caradel Hire Goulburn Liesurelink -Joanne Fitzsimmons
Advance Booking Michael Connolly Chemmart

photography Jackie Rankin
art & photography students from Goulburn TAFE
Video Ashley Shoppee

We would like to thank all those who have willingly and generously assisted on this project to make it such a memorable event

This project was made possible through assistance under the Country Arts Support Program administered by Regional Arts NSW and Southern Tablelands Arts (STARTS) Inc.

The Lieder Theatre is also grateful to the NSW Ministry for the Arts and Goulburn City Council for financial assistance

Lieder's major sponsors in 2003 are Hyperset Printing and the Goulburn Workers Club

Acrobatic/Fire Show - a spectacular outside performance incorporating fire with physical theatre, acrobatics and stilts

2 Friendly 4 Words - a company-devised performance project about teenage pregnancy and its impact on rural youth. This project received assistance from The Regional Arts Fund

Jai Joyce
Jessica Shoppee
Elizabeth Cooper
Sayara Thurston
DJ Lambert
Ellie McMahon
Rachel Kadziela
Nick Nell
Caroline Bentley
Josh(ua) Phillips
Bethany James
Beth Greenhalgh
Idris Stanton

Original music and samples composed, compiled and performed live by
Anthony Kranitis
Jack Mullen
Callum Routledge

Video interviews
Kerry & Jai Joyce
Narelle Hart
Terry Phillips

Terry Phillips Stage manager
Melissa Hillyar lights
Glyn Hupalo video editing and projections
Jesse Mullen, Nick Nell poster designs
Jai Joyce survey questions
Craig Edwards slides & photos
Joshua Phillips set design & construction
Joshua Phillips, Jai Joyce, Nick Nell, Elizabeth Cooper, Rachel Kadziela & Ellie McMahon puppet designs, construction & manipulation
Nyssa Cohen, Callum Fitzgibbon, Abaigh O'Connor, William Nell, Laura Thomssen, Amy Rowle research and workshop participants
Colin Simson Front of House Manager

The Lieder Youth Theatre Company is grateful to the following for their assistance
Narelle Shinfield- Goulburn Community Health Centre
Helen Buck - Goulburn Sexual Health Clinic
Southern Regional Community College
Family Planning Health
Denise Lacey - JPet

Streetwise Comics
Peter Miller at
Perpetual Ocean

2 Friendly 4 Words
was created through workshops conducted with emerging and regional artists from the Goulburn area
Karen Yaldron physical theatre and fire skills
Sam Routledge puppetry and performance
Judith Boyd script writing and role playing
Pauline J Mullen research, production and technical expertise
Ann Elbourne design and costumes
Anthony Kranitis musical director
Jack Mullen sound design and voice loops
Chrisjohn Hancock coordination and direction

This project acknowledges the support of
Lizz Murphy and Southern Tablelands Regional Arts
Goulburn City Council
Hyperset Printing
Goulburn Worker's Club
the Commonwealth Governments Regional Arts Fund


I=CAN - touring the Southern Tablelands of NSW and to Smoke Free Burning Boards Youth Theatre Festival in Tuggeranong
I = Can
the Cast

Caroline Bentley
Nyssa Cohen
Alexander Edwards
Beth Greenhalgh
Bethany James
Jai Joyce
Anthony Kranitis
Ellie McMahon
Joshua Phillips
Jessica Shoppee
Idris Stanton
Sayara Thurston

I = Can
Based on the script originally created by Is Theatre Ltd.
formerly the
Salamanca Theatre Company

Performed by
The Lieder Youth Theatre Company

2002 performances

July 27th & 28th Lieder Theatre, Goulburn
September 8th Lieder Theatre
September 10th Braidwood
September 11th Goulburn Scout Hall
September 13th Crookwell
Binda, Lagan, Bigga
September 28th Marulan

October 9th Canberra
October 23rd Tuggeranong

I = Can was accompanied by workshops in drama games, acting and physical theatre conducted by members of the Lieder Youth Theatre Company.

Lost on the Lake (devised)- 3 days and nights living and performing on Lake George as part of the Weereewa Festival

The Madness of Lake George 25 March 2002

When full, Lake George is Australia's largest inland fresh water lake. However this tectonic enigma is no ordinary lake and apart from the fact that it has a particular Aboriginal spiritual significance, its European history is shrouded in myth, mystery and sometimes magic. No other lake has been the subject of such a wide range of scientific hypotheses, pseudo and otherwise, as well as speculation and sometimes bizarre explanations for the strange phenomena of its geography and geology.

Some believe that it fills and empties in inverse ratio to lakes in New Zealand, China or other strange places or that it possesses a spirit or power that is both mystical and magical. Stories abound concerning the fate of those who have perished in its relatively shallow depths and those who have experienced the relentless power of its unique wave motions. Its strange and bewildering natural phenomena have produced all sorts of visual and sensory illusions, which give Lake George and air of unreality. The truth about Lake George ebbs and flows like its water levels and becomes part of popular consciousness. This consciousness combines myth and reality to give the lake unstableness in popular memory that mirrors the reputed mental state of its namesake.

None of the stories surrounding Lake George is stranger than that of the gallant but impulsive Major James Hancock. The erstwhile Major had travelled to Australia specifically to explore Lake George. Hancock was a veteran of the Crimean War, having served with her Majesty's Hussars. His military career virtually came to an end at Sebastopol, where he had his horse shot out from under him and subsequently cooked and ate the animal, sharing it with his men. Hancock then set out upon a life as an adventurer and explorer of natural phenomena.

Hancock was joined on his expedition to Lake George by Lieutenant Kenneth Sanders, a man of dubious reputation whose commission in the NSW Corps had been compromised by a life of gambling and debauchery and who subsequently hired himself out as provider and guide. Sanders enlisted for the expedition the assistance of several young men who had been performers with a Romanian circus who had been abandoned in this country when the circus ran into financial difficulties. He believed that the acrobatic and gymnastic talents of the young men would be both useful for the expedition and amusing.

The expedition set out from the southern end of Lake George, accompanied by a number of horses which Hancock believed would be both beneficial for hauling the craft in which he hoped to navigate the lake and may also provide an additional source of sustenance if need be. They disappeared completely and appeared never to reach the other end of the lake.

The disappearance of the party has been the source of much speculation and mystery ever since and numerous unexplained sightings of the Major and his companions have been claimed in years since. Whether popular memory has become imbued with the image of this strange expedition and it has become part of the visual imagery, which also creates many of the illusions of Lake George, we can only speculate and wonder. Many of the reported sightings are indeed bizarre. In 1924 the Bungendore Chronicle reported that Arthur Geary, who had been searching for lost sheep on the lake, encountered a strange group of people, the leader of which introduced himself as Hancock and proceeded to explain the exact location of Geary's sheep. The Chronicle reported that despite examination by two reputable medical practitioners, Geary would not deviate from his story.

Over the years there has been many unexplained lights on the lake at night. Local folklore has often referred to these as Hancock's campfires, while others have speculated that they may have been UFOs attracted to the tectonic phenomena by a strange type of magnetism. Whatever the explanation it seems that Hancock and the spirits of his party have been doomed to continue their exploration, forever lost on the lake.

Lost on the Lake
The madness of Lake George comes to life April 12 - 14 as members of the Lieder Theatre Company will spend three nights and three days living and performing on the lake as part of the many events celebrating this year's Weereewa Festival 2002. The Weereewa Festival of Lake George runs throughout April with exhibitions, performances, forums and poetry events presented throughout the region.

The Lieder performance event is called Lost on the Lake and will feature eight actors travelling in the footsteps of some of the early explorers who traversed and mapped one of the oldest lakes in the world. When full Lake George is the largest expanse of fresh water in Australia. Its current dry state is ideal as a spectacular stage on which to mount three days of arts activities drawing attention to the magic and mystery that surrounds the Lake's history.

Lost on the Lake will be presented as a roving spectacle and viewed from the Federal Highway from Friday 12th - Sunday 14th April 2002. The Lieder performers will be led by Robert Cole, who with Chrisjohn Hancock, Jai Joyce, Thady O'Connor, Josh Phillips and Stephen Convery, will journey across the Lake in search of some of the answers to the mysteries created by the many intrepid adventurers who lost their lives attempting to unravel its mystique.


Vision of Delight - written by Ben Jonson, performed as part of Artstart celebrations outside at St Saviour's Cathedral

Written for the royal court at Christmas in 1617

An Elizabethan Masque of Unimaginable Splendour

Directed by Chrisjohn Hancock


Delight Anthea Foley
Bethany James
Night Abaigh O'Connor
Fancy Marcus Honeyman
Jai Joyce
Josh Phillips
Hour Nyssa Cohen
Peace Caroline Bentley
Wonder Stephen Convery
Madonna Justine Doran
Aurora Jessica Shoppee

The Choir and Elizabethan Dancers

Amanda Hamilton Peta Jackson
Sarah Keenan Corrine Peake
Elizabeth McMahon Sayara Thurston

the First Anti-Masque

Pantaloons Thady O'Connor, Jai Joyce, Marcus Honeyman, Josh Phillips, Matthew Taylor, Alexander Edwards

She-Monster Stephen Convery

Burratines Jessica Shoppee, Nyssa Cohen, Abaigh O'Connor, Caroline Bentley

The Second Anti-Masque

Stiltwalker #1 Peter Nosworthy
Stiltwalker #2 Josh Phillips
Phantasms the Cast

The Main Dance - performed by the entire Company


Thady O'Connor Elizabeth McMahon
Bethany James Stephen Convery
Caroline Bentley Jessica Shoppee
Jai Joyce Sayara Thurston

The Musicians

Composer/ Conductor/ Recorder/Violin
Melvin Cann
Flute Ali Kenworthy
Trumpet Josh Hutchins
Violin Eleanor Cheetham
Violin Robert Arthurson

Turntable-ist Jack Mullen
Percussion Callum Routledge
Guitars and Percussion Anthony Kranitis

Acrobatics and fire Karen Yaldron
Lanterns Sam Routledge & Cecile Hardy
Wardrobe & Production Pauline J Mullen
Masques and costumes Mandy Nichols
Stage management Colin Simpson, Alan Joyce, Martin Sanders
Construction Assistance Ross Bull, Terry Phillips
Madonna's headpiece Karen Jeffrey
Dressers Kerry Joyce, Rebecca Miller, Mandy Nichols
Poster graphics Rhodri McCormack
Photographs Craig Edwards
Printing Hyperset Printing

The Masque
is a form of spectacular entertainment developed as a court diversion for special occasions in Elizabethan times and brought to the peak of elaboration in the reigns of James I and Charles I. It seems to have evolved from the mummers' play and arrived in England via Italy and France as a suite of songs, dances, and rich poetic recitation. Ben Jonson was one of the most successful creators or the Masque.

some helpful definitions
a character from the Italian Commedia Dell'Arte plays. Pantaloon was the principal victim from the pranks of others, an old merchant, enamoured of a young wife, but mean, jealous and ripe for deception.
A puppet from the Commedia Dell'Arte plays
just that!
spirits or ghosts
From Greek mythology, Zephyrus is the West wind
is the patron god of the arts from Greek mythology
is the messenger from the gods that arrives on the rainbow dressed in gold with gold wings

This production has been funded by Artstart, a state-wide festival coordinated by the NSW Department of Education and Training through TAFE. Grateful assistance has been received from Southern Tablelands Arts

Body Slam (devised) - performance and workshop tour project with Theatre Physical, Powerhouse, Shopfront, Pact Youth Theatre companies, ATYP, involving performances at Circular Quay and Hyde Park, Sydney. June - touring to the Street Theatre, ACT as part of Burning Boards Youth Theatre Festival.

Media Release Media Release Media Release Media Release
Wednesday 11 April 2001

The Lieder Theatre has been awarded additional funding to support its upcoming Youth Theatre project BODY SLAM. $3000.00 has been received from the Foundation for Young Australians towards the Lieder Youth Theatre Company's tour to Sydney over the Easter holidays.

Body Slam is the Youth Theatres' major project for 2001 having already received financial support from the NSW Ministry for the Arts to create a workshop and performance project offering regional youth an opportunity to extend and develop street and physical theatre skills through a week long workshop with Theatre Physical at Powerhouse Youth Theatre's facilities in the Casula Powerhouse.

Body Slam will tour to Sydney between 17th - 24th April where the Company will reside, attending workshops and performances and presenting their own work.

Workshops will culminate in a new performance piece, Body Slam, which will be presented around Circular Quay and in Hyde Park on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April. Local and Canberra performances will be planned for later in the year.

The 12 members who passed the audition process and who have been attending preparatory workshops for the last month will also participate in workshops at Shopfront Theatre, PACT, Australian Theatre For Young People, Belvoir Theatre, and attend professional performances at Sidetrack Theatre, The Performance Space, The Stables, and the Sydney Opera House.

The Lieder Youth Theatre members involved in Body Slam include Jessica Shoppee, Anthea Foley, Abaigh O'Connor, Amy Johnson, Bethany James, Mandy Nichols, Thady O'Connor, Josh Phillips, Jai Joyce, Marcus Honeyman, Brenton Phillips and Stephen Convery.

The production team under the artistic direction of Chrisjohn Hancock is lead by Pauline J Mullen as production manager, Bill Dorman as workshop tutor, Kerry Joyce and Martin Sanders tour and house managers.

The Lieder Youth Theatre Company continues to grow and provide a major resource for young people serious about exploring the arts as a career option and providing a stepping stone into further studies and training in the performing arts. BODY SLAM will provide exceptional opportunities for regional youth through professional exposure and experience obtained from the tour program while developing a network of contacts for future exchange and interaction.

The Lieder Youth Theatre Company - go arts about it!


Olympic Torch Relay celebrations Day 90 September 5th, Goulburn street performances and 30 stilt walkers, acrobatics and coordinated schools performances in Victoria Park devised and coordinated by the Lieder Theatre Team

Blow-up workshops with Powerhouse Youth Theatre at Wollongong

The artists engaged for the weekend were:
" Conrad Page - member of Theatre Physical
" Carlos Gomaz - member of Theatre Physical
" Chris Ryan - from PACT, Sydney Front, teacher of performance and film
" Leonie Vaughan - actor and voice tutor, Sydney
" Scott Gordon - performance artist, Wollongong
" Luciano Valeo - performance artist, Wollongong
" Scott Davis - theatre technician and caretaker, Theatre South

The organising supervisors were:
" Mark Viner - Regional Arts Development officer for Southern Tablelands Regional Arts
" Amanda Field - Illawarra Carnivale coordinator and project partner with STRA
" Michael McLaughlin - Powerhouse Youth Theatre Director
" Chrisjohn Hancock - Lieder Youth Theatre Director
" Kerry Joyce - House mother and assistant to the organisers

All the weekend participants were divided into two groups and combined skill development work with preparations to present initial ideas on the script, UBU ROI


Gathering the Dust (devised)- touring to Tuggeranong Arts Centre
written in workshop by the performing members of the Lieder Theatre Company.

Gathering the Dust was part of EXCHANGE - a partnership project with Jigsaw Theatre Company, designed to initiate and facilitate greater opportunities within the region for local artsworkers and emerging artists. Exchange was divided into stages offering chances to share creative ideas, professional resources and new performing opportunities for both Companies. For example, members of Jigsaw have been involved in developing design concepts related to this production transferring to Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Exchange provided a number of opportunities for regional artists to participate in Jigsaw's devising and performance projects, developing skills in writing, music, production, design and choreography.

cast list

Abaigh O'Connor
Anthea Foley
Brenton Phillips
Jessica Shoppee
Joe Manning
Josh Phillips
Marcus Honeyman
Peter Nosworthy
Renee Keys
Stephen Convery
Thady O'Connor
Katrina Churchill

Craig Edwards
Doreen Mullen
Lyn Lace
Pauline J Mullen
Sarah Harris


Anthony Kranitis guitars
Callum Routledge percussion


Director Chrisjohn Hancock
Stage management Melissa Hillyar
Computer graphics Craig Edwards, Thady O'Connor
Lights Brandon
Sound Thady O'Connor, Renee Keys
Front of House Manager Lorraine Emerton
Tickets Doreen Mullen
Photos Jackie Ranken
Computer imagery & photos Craig Edwards
Advance Bookings: Goulburn Michael Connolly Chemmart
Advance Bookings: Tuggeranong Tuggeranong Arts Centre
Poster, program & postcards Hyperset Printing

The Lieder Theatre gratefully acknowledges the support and assistance received from Tuggeranong Arts Centre and Jigsaw Theatre Company

Gathering the Dust - The Video
Written, directed and edited by Peter Bentley

performed by

Peter Bentley
Fiona Churchill
Stephen Convery
Taren Cooper
Justine Doran
Craig Edwards
Heather Edwards
Tim Foley
Chrisjohn Hancock
Sarah Harris
Joe Manning
Jack Mullen
Pauline J. Mullen
Jessica Shoppee
Terry Smith
Ila Storrier
Victor Tawil

Additional Video Footage

Peter Nosworthy

computer graphics & projections
Thady O'Connor
Craig Edwards
Pauline Mullen

Hot Air - touring to Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Steve Convery
Anthea Foley
Marcus Honeyman
Renee Keys
Jack Mullen
Peter Nosworthy
Abaigh O'Connor
Thady O'Connor
Josh Phillips
Margot Richardson
Callum Routledge

Bill Dorman Performance coordinator
Taren Cooper stage manager
Pauline J Mullen production Assistance
Chrisjohn Hancock director

What makes young people angry and why and what do they do about it are the issues addressed in this group devised performance. The play is a very personal and insightful journey into the causes and consequences of violence in our community.

This production received enthusiastic applause and praise from the audience who saw a preview on the steps of the Opera House in August 1999 as part of the opening celebrations to the ARTSTART Festival. It was presented as the headline show at the Lieder Theatre's 1999 Regional Youth Theatre Festival in Goulburn.

Exchange concluded with performances of the Lieder Youth Theatre Company's production of HOT AIR being performed at Smoke-Free Burning Boards, Jigsaw's annual schools drama festival on Monday 23rd October at Tuggeranong.


Express Yourself Regional Youth Theatre Festival - street pageant

Hot Air (devised) - touring to the steps of the Sydney Opera House

HOT AIR was devised and workshopped over 3 months with 20 local young people interested in addressing and exploring issues of teenage violence and aggression - its causes and consequences. This performance project was made possible through financial assistance received from the Department of Education and Training - ARTSTART, The Southern Tablelands Regional Arts Program, and Regional Arts NSW.


established the Goulburn Youth Council and coordinated youth council activities in Goulburn until handing over the responsibility to Local government in 2002
A major achievement of the Youth Council was the annual POOLGRIND - an annual concert at Goulburn Swimming Pool featuring local and national bands alongside sk8ting and bladding demonstrations and opportunities for young local sk8ters to show off their skills
Also the creation of a CD of local bands called CLUSTER with artwork by local young artists

street theatre and devised performances for GRABfest'98

(Goulburn's 2nd Regional Arts Bash) staged in Bourke Street, St Saviour's Cathedral, Civic Centre and the Masonic Hall in March

G'Day Mate (devised) - touring to festivals in the Czech Republic & UK

Erin Williams
Anthea Foley
Tess McGowen
Fiona Richardson
Elizabeth Smith
Jessica Shoppee
Tim Foley

Director - Chrisjohn Hancock
Stage manager - Sarah Harris
Technical - Pauline J Mullen & Toni Campbell
Live Music - Ken Naughton & Jacinta Conroy


Goulburn Youth Theatre Festival hosted by Lieder Youth Theatre

Hot Chips and Gravy at the Blackhole Café (devised by members of the Lieder Youth Theatre Company)

Emma Wilson
Erin Williams
Joel Emerton
Thomas Burden
Jack Mullen
Renae Coleman
Taren Cooper
Toni Campbell
Justine Doran
Thady O'Connor
Marcus Emerton

Elise Routledge
Matthew Watts
Heath Dennelly
Ken Naughton


GRABfest'96 the first Goulburn Region Arts Bash - March
major community arts celebration
circus workshops/ performances - stilts & unicycle


Aboriginal Youth Theatre Festival

Featuring The Colour Play (devised) - touring to the Street Theatre, ACT

Including local Aboriginal legends, The Doonooch Dancers, Matthew Doyle, exhibitions and members of the Ullamulla Pejar community at the Lieder Theatre

workshops with Matthew Doyle & the Doonooch Dancers with local schools and the LYTC

Lieder Youth Theatre Company
Evan Bradhurst
Taren Cooper
Philippa Gowen
Avril Harris
Terry Lang
Rebecca McLaren
Sam Routledge
Erin Williams
Emma Wilson


tufff... by Billie Browne
performed by Sam Routledge, Joel Emerton and James Allen

Rolly's Grave by Jan Quackenbush
Performed by Tim Foley, Rebecca McLaren and Thady O'Connor

Still Fires by Jan Quackenbush
Performed by Tim Foley and Thady O'Connor

Goulburn Youth Theatre Festival hosted by Lieder Youth Theatre
THE HAPPY PRINCE (adapted by the Youth Theatre Company)

Andrew Jory - Narrator/ Mayor
Philippa Gowen - The Reed/ Narrator/ Queen's Maid of Honour
Quinn Hart - Sailor/ Father/ Prof. Of Ornithology
Emma Wilson - The Swallow
Jack Mullen - Seamstress's son/ Angel
Abaigh O'Connor - Match Girl/ Rich Girl
Sam Routledge - The Happy Prince
Taren Cooper - The Seamstress/ Councillor
Caolan O'Connor - The Student Writer/ Sailor
Leah Zerbes - Builder/ Rich Girl/ Councillor
David Hearnshaw - Miller's Son/ Sailor/ Councillor
Elise Routledge - The Swallow
Thady O'Connor - Mourner/ Sailor/ Street Urchin
Rebecca McLaren - The Swallow
Joshua Bird - The Dead Prince/ Sailor/ Councillor
Simeon Hearnshaw - The Swallow

Music composed and performed by Ken & Marianne Naughton with students from Marian College

Jacinta Conroy violin
Fiona Richardson cello
Carole Moran flute
Tara Russell flute
Fiona Martin clarinet
Marianne Naughton viola
Kan Naughton piano