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The Ballad of
Mary Ann Brownlow

Of a play based on a true story and part of Goulburn’s own history

Written by John Spicer and David Cole


Directed by Chrisjohn Hancock

Musical Direction by Peter McLaren



Goulburn’s Historic Court House

 18 & 19 June 2005


Funding has been received for this project from Goulburn District Tourism, through



Director’s notes

It is with great pleasure we are able to offer a return visit to this wonderful locally written play. The Ballad of Mary Ann Brownlow was the smash hit of the Lieder’s program last year and drew crowds from across the state. For a work that had been an idea for so long and which had received intense and detailed attention by David Cole and John Spicer it is indeed rewarding to be able to present it to you again so soon but this time in a totally new environment.


It has only been through the generous support of the staff at Goulburn Court House that the Lieder is able to perform in the haunting historical atmosphere of one of Goulburn’s most significant landmarks. But this is not where the real trial of Mary Ann took place. Mary Ann Brownlow was tried and hanged in 1855. The present Court House was opened in 1887. The actual court room still exists. It is in the Sloane Street Court House next to the old Police Station behind where we are performing today.


I would like to thank the cast and crew for working on and reworking the show for this new venue. I especially acknowledge the support from Goulburn Tourism for their financial assistance and the continued sponsorship of Hypercet Printing whose generosity allows such high quality publications for our productions.


And I would like to thank you for supporting the Lieder’s work and hope that you enjoy these performances as much as we do in revising them for you.

Chrisjohn Hancock



Robert Fawcett
  Des Storrier

Mary Ann Brownlow


Erin Williams

Mrs Elliot


Pauline J Mullen



Craig Edwards

Justice Alfred Stephens


Brian Richardson

Leonard Purefoy


Chrisjohn Hancock

Constable James Nugent


Martin Saunders

Dr Andrew Morton


Richard Shoppee

Eliza Niblet


Bethany James

Edward Hines


Dale Chalker

Rev William Sowerby


David Rayner

Kitty O’Rourke


Jennifer Nell

Elizabeth Lintott


Heather Edwards

Sir Henry Parkes


Bill Dorman

Mrs Howell


Lyn Lace

Jury Foreman


David Cole



Ken Wheeldon, Bruce McGuirk, Jai Joyce, Andrew Mullen



Doreen Mullen, Colleen McMahon, Ceilidh Newbury, Lillian & Jasper Dorman



Joshua Phillips, Oliver Doebler



Rebecca McLaren



Shared by the Cast

The Ballad of Mary Ann Brownlow


Goulburn 1855

In Goulburn Jail – July 1855

Goulburn Court House – Sloane Street, 11th September 1855

Goulburn Hotel – 10th October 1855

Goulburn Jail – 11th October 1855

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Live music before the performance is provided by the

Argyle County Ceilidh Band


Daphne Gooley            Hammer duccimer

Peter McLaren             English concertina, pennywhistle,

mandolin & guitar



Musical Director


Peter McLaren



Bethany James

Ballad written by


David Cole

Ballad adapted & arranged by


Peter McLaren



Chrisjohn Hancock



Pauline J Mullen

Stage Manager


Ellie McMahon

Lighting Operator


Ben Backhouse

Sound recorded by


Peter McLaren

Sound operated by


Alex Edwards



Craig Edwards

Posters & printing


Hyperset Printing

Front of House Manager


Colin Simson


The Lieder would like to thank all those who loaned properties for and assisted on this production.


The Ballad of Mary Ann Brownlow was first performed by the Lieder Theatre Company on Friday 18th June 2004 in the Lieder Theatre goldsmith Street, Goulburn


The present Goulburn Court House was designed by one of the most respected architects of the day, colonial architect James Barnett, who also designed the General Post Office in Sydney. One interesting and significant law passed in the Goulburn Court House for all of Australia made it illegal to harbour bushrangers.