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The Royal House of Scotland

Duncan King of Scotland  ---- Russell Erwin

Malcolm his eldest son ---- Joshua Waters

Donalbain his youngest son  ---- Shane Daly

Thanes (noblemen of Scotland) their households and supporters

Macbeth Thane of Glamis  --- Martin Sanders

Lady Macbeth ---  Pauline J Mullen

Gentlewoman her attendant ---- Doreen Mullen

Her Servant ---- Alyssa Medway

Servant & messenger ---- Josh Churchill

Seyton Macbeth’s armour bearer ---- Matt Kay

Porter at Macbeth’s ---- Castle Bruce Gerard

Doctor of physic ---- Antonia McGarity

Banquo ---- Vince Davis

Fleance his son ---- Linden Fennamore

Macduff Thane of Fife ---- David O’Halloran

Lady Macduff ---- Jo Cooper

Son of Macduff ---- Mark Churchill

Daughters of Macduff ---- Ceilidh Newbury & Imogen Cooper

First murderer ---- Matt Kay

Second murderer ---- Josh Waters

Third murdered ---- Shane Daly


Ross ----  Brian Hill

Lennox ---- Jamie Mitchell

Angus ----  Andrew Mullen

Caithness  ---- Zachary Young

Captain wounded in battle ---- Matthew Kay

The supernatural world

1st Witch ----  Fiona Churchill

2nd Witch ----  Michelle McAleer

3rd Witch ---- Erin Williams

Hecate Queen of witchcraft ---- Deborah Foster

Another witch  ---- Alyssa Medway

1st apparition ----  Jarrad Honeyman

2nd apparition ----  Mark Churchill

3rd apparition  ----- Linden Fennamore

The English

Siward Earl of Northumberland --- David Rayner

Young Siward his son --- Jarrad Honeyman

Lords, Soldiers, Attendants, Servants played by the cast