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By William Shakespeare

Directed by Chrisjohn Hancock
11 - 28 JUNE 2008

The Tragedy of Macbeth was first published in the Folio of 1623, printed from a prompt-copy, or from a transcript of one. The first recorded performance of Macbeth was 20th April 1611 but it is believed that the play was written somewhere between 1603 and 1606.

The play is set in Scotland and England
irector’s notes

One of my very first theatre experiences was the 1973 Lieder production of Macbeth directed and performed by Mary and John Spicer. It was a powerful and overwhelming performance winning NSW Arts Council awards, confirming and consolidating the Spicer’s reputation and standard of work they would produce on the Lieder stage for over twenty years. It has taken a while before I have had the courage to tackle such a monstrous and complex piece and I feel privileged to have had such an enthusiastic and willing cast to commit to the task of recreating this masterpiece of Shakespearian tragic splendour. Thank you to everyone who has so enthusiastically assisted in the creation of this production.




List of Characters


The Royal House of Scotland

Duncan King of Scotland                  Russell Erwin

Malcolm his eldest son                      Joshua Waters

Donalbain his youngest son               Shane Daly



Thanes (noblemen of Scotland)

their households and supporters

Macbeth Thane of Glamis       Martin Sanders

Lady Macbeth                        Pauline J Mullen

Gentlewoman her attendant    Doreen Mullen

Her Servant                            Alyssa Medway

Servant & messenger             Josh Churchill

Seyton Macbeth’s armour bearer Matt Kay

Porter at Macbeth’s Castle       Bruce Gerard

Doctor of physic                      Antonia McGarity



Banquo                                             Vince Davis

Fleance his son                                 Linden Fennamore


Macduff Thane of Fife                      David O’Halloran

Lady Macduff                                   Jo Cooper

Son of Macduff                                Mark Churchill

Daughters of Macduff                      Ceilidh Newbury &

Imogen Cooper

First murderer                                 Matt Kay

Second murderer                             Josh Waters

Third murdered                                Shane Daly




Ross                                                  Brian Hill

Lennox                                              Jamie Mitchell

Angus                                               Andrew Mullen

Caithness                                          Zachary Young

Captain wounded in battle                Matthew Kay



The supernatural world

1st Witch                                 Fiona Churchill

2nd Witch                                 Michelle McAleer

3rd Witch                                 Erin Williams

Hecate Queen of witchcraft      Deborah Foster

Another witch                         Alyssa Medway

1st apparition                          Jarrad Honeyman

2nd apparition                          Mark Churchill

3rd apparition                          Linden Fennamore



The English

Siward Earl of Northumberland                  David Rayner

Young Siward his son                                Jarrad Honeyman



Lords, Soldiers, Attendants, Servants played by the cast




Act One
Scene i Open space                                        


Scene ii A camp         


Scene iii A Heath                                           


Scene iv Forres, The Palace 


Scene v  Inverness, Macbeth’s Castle                       


Scene vi Before Macbeth’s Castle


Scene vii Macbeth’s Castle


Act Two
Scene i Macbeth’s Castle


Scene ii Macbeth’s Castle                             


Scene iii Macbeth’s Castle    


Scene iv Outside Macbeth’s Castle

Act Three

Scene i Forres – The Palace


Scene ii The Palace  


Scene iii Outside near the Palace      


Scene iv The Palace banquet


Scene v A witches haunt

There will be an interval of 20 minutes

between Act 3 and Act 4

during which refreshments will be on sale in the foyer



Act Four

Scene i A witches Haunt & Outside the Palace        


Scene ii Macduff’s Castle      


Scene iii England – before the King Edward Confessor’s Palace


Act Five

Scene i Dunsinane     


Scene ii Country near Dunsinane


Scene iii Dunsinane   


Scene iv Country near Birnam Wood


Scene v Dunsinane    


Scene vi Dunsinane, before the castle           


Scene vii Another part of the field    


Scene viii  Dunsinane




Director/ designer


Chrisjohn Hancock

Stage Management


The cast

Set construction


John Knops, Martin Sanders, Bill Wilson John Hartnett, Colin Simson, Robert Shearman

Wardrobe coordination


Pauline J Mullen

Assisted by


Cindy Kitt Vogelsang, Ann Elbourne, Jen Nell, Lee Gray, Bill Dorman, Sarah Harris, Narelle Hetherington



James McPaul



Stuart Medway

Sound recordings


Peter McLaren



Sean Gore



Doreen Mullen



Craig Edwards



Bill Wilson

Additional armour & flags


Matt Williamson



Don Hayes



Lee Gray

Video images


Bill Dorman & James McPaul



Antonia McGarity



Sarah Harris

Front of House Manager


Lee Gray

Newsletter editor


Greg Seckold



Rose Hill & Janette McKinley

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes
Second Witch, Macbeth, Act IV sc.i