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A pantomime for all the family




Directed by Stan Henderson

                   Musical Direction by Mary McGregor


November- December 2006



Stan Henderson (Director) began ballet training with Misha Burlakov in Sydney, further studying with Valentin Zeglovsky and Leon Kellaway. He graduated to Principal Dancer with the Australian Ballet Company. In 1949 he travelled overseas to dance in Buenos Aires then to Paris performing with Les Ballets Monmartre. From there he joined the F.J.B. Theatre as choreographer and principal dancer resident for three years.

He continued training in London with George Goncharov, directing the London production of Yes We Have No Pyjamas, which ran for twelve months. Stan completed drama training with the Guildhall in London, he then taught at Hampshire School of Speech and Drama and Pinelands College. Returning to Australia in 1956 he opened a theatre school in the Southern Highlands of NSW.


Stan directed a vast number of plays and musicals, and worked with opera students at the Canberra School of Music. He has been involved in Film and Television productions of Ginger Meggs, Pharlap, Bodyline and Army Wives and has choreographed for A Country Practice.


At the Lieder Stan has starred in Aladdin, Mother Goose, and Dick Whittington, choreographed Dinkum Assorted, Dancing at Lughnasa and directed Humpty Dumpty and The Farndale Murder Mystery. He last appeared on the Lieder stage in John Spicer’s 2000 production of Dark of the Moon. In 2003 Stan directed A Month of Sundays and directed and choreographed our Old Time Music Hall. In 2005 he directed Blithe Spirit.


Welcome to our final mainstage production for 2006, a wonderful pantomime for all the family. Our Aladdin is based on the original version. This means it has all the elements of traditional presentation – which in turn means a consistent story line, liberally sprinkled with lighthearted humour. Some outrageous characters (good and evil) all happening in a truly “make-believe” setting. We hope you will enjoy our “Christmas fun”.

Stan Henderson - Director



Synopsis of scenes




Scene 1 – The Market Place, Pekin

Scene 2 – The End of Nowhere & Watling Street, Pekin

Scene 3 – Widow Twankey’s Laundrette

Scene 4 – Outside the laundrette

Scene 5 – On the way to the Cave

Scene 6 – The Magic Cave of Jewels



There will be an INTERVAL of 20 minutes

between Act One and Act Two

Refreshments on sale in the foyer





Scene 7 – Widow Twankey’s Laundrette

Scene 8 – The Emperor’s Audience Chamber

Scene 9 – Abanazar’s Den

Scene 10 – Aladdin’s Palace

Scene 11 – Outside the Palace

Scene 12 – The Palace, Africa

Scene 13 – Lost Property

Scene 14 – Aladdin’s Wedding Banquet



Marc Nell


Ping – Pekin Police Force

David Nell


Pong – Pekin Police Force

Josh Waters



Muffy Hedges


Typhoo – a panda

Phil Jeffery


Wishee Washee – Widow Twankey’s laundry boy

Brian Hill



Fiona Churchill


Empress of China

Kathy Campbell


Widow Twankey

Shannon Logan


Princess Baldroubadour

Blair Woodcock






Shelley Taylor


Slave of the Ring

Glenn Simkus


Slave of the Lamp


Attendants, coolies, slaves, spirits, dancers, town’s folk

Doreen Mullen, Haley Apps, Clare Berry, Clare Hayes, Piper Holmes, Grace Nell, Linden Fennamore, Jack Weston


Musical director, piano


Mary McGregor

Percussionist, brass


Geoff Arthurson



Stage manager


Chrisjohn Hancock



Jeremy Mutton



Erad Weston

Scenic Artist


Lee Gray

Assisted by


Josh Travers, Carina Tattersall, Clare Berry, Julien Higgens, Daniel Baxter

Set construction


Marc Nell, John Campbell, Martin Yeadon, Colin Simson, Greg Seckold, Sarah Harris, PJ Mullen, Chrisjohn Hancock

The mangle



 Breakable plates


Brian Richardson



Jen Nell, Brian Hill

Assisted by


Rose Hill



Stephen Convery



Shane Daly



Sarah Harris



Doreen Mullen

Newsletter editor


Brian Hill

Colin Simson






We would like to thank everyone who helped on this production, all those who loaned properties and costumes and especially Michael Connolly Chemmart for advance ticket sales.


If you would like to become involved in the activities of the Lieder Theatre Company, either by performing on stage, helping backstage, or in the Foyer serving drinks and showing patrons to their seats please leave your name with one of our Front of House staff or phone the Theatre on 4821 5066

The story of Aladdin comes from the book The Arabian Nights, first published in England between 1704 and 1714. This reflected a popular interest at the time in the Oriental.


The story was first seen on stage in Covent Garden, London, in 1788


Widow Twankey was first known as Ching Mustapha, in Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp, at Covent Garden in 1813. She had a variety of other names including Wee-Ping, Chow-Chow and Tan-kin before the name Widow Twankay appeared in 1861. Twankay was the name of a popular green tea from China.


The first Widow Twankey was seen at the Strand Theatre on 1st April 1861, in an extravaganza entitled Aladdin or The Wonderful Scamp.


The Cast


Haley Apps performs in our chorus. This is her first time on stage at the Lieder and as she wants to learn as much as she can from Stan and the other adult members of the cast we’re looking forward to having her back soon. If Haley had a magic lamp she would wish for a nice holiday with her family.


Geoff Arthurson sees his role in the show as “the little drummer boy” but he does get to play some brass as assistant to Mary our musical director. He would be very happy just to sit inside a lamp as long as his magic wish of next week’s lotto numbers came true. His favourite thing about the show is that he gets to hit things.


Clare Berry has been enjoying the fun of rehearsals and getting to know everyone in the cast of Aladdin as this is her first time in a mainstage production at the Lieder. She attends Judith Boyd’s afterschool drama classes at the theatre. Clare thinks she would get very bored if she was stuck inside a magic lamp and also considers Aladdin to be a very bad boy.


Kathy Campbell who plays Widow Twankey is all for promoting Twankey’s Laundry to deal with dirty washing. And while she loves working with Stan and her wonderful “perfect” son Aladdin she wishes he would do some work! Kathy is having fun trying to imagine just what it would be like stuck inside a lamp with Abanazar.


Fiona Churchill is enjoying her first pantomime at the Lieder (after how many years with us?) and thinks it is a great script with very funny lines. Her favourite thing about the show is working with a generous cast, director and crew. She is absolutely not interested in laundry and if she had a magic lamp Fiona would wish for ten more.


Linden Fennamore performs in the chorus of Aladdin and while this is his first time in a mainstage play he has been clowning and stiltwalking with the Company for a while. We are not sure why he wants a huge flying fish but he does love acting and he knows where to put his dirty laundry – into a washing machine of course.


Clare Hayes is enjoying her first time at the Lieder, getting involved through Essential Personnel. Her favourite part is singing and dancing in the Laundry scene where she knows all about the dirty clothes. Maybe Clare is offering to be Widow Twankey’s assistant.


Muffy Hedges gets called “moofly” by our director, or “where’s that bloody panda!” If she had a magic lamp she would wish for an air conditioned panda suit but knows that if she continues to perform the role her bruises will eventually cover her entire body eliminating the need to even wear a panda suit. Muffy is enjoying renewing friendships with other cast members in the show and especially loves observing Aladdin’s crèche for females young and old.


Brian Hill who plays our Emperor thinks Aladdin is a very naughty boy. If he were trapped inside a magic lamp he would probably get cramps but if he had a lamp of his own he would wish for world peace, a cure for all diseases and lots and lots of money for himself.


Piper Holmes loves everything about being in Aladdin, which is great as this is her first time with the Company on our mainstage. She even loves Stan’s nicknames for her, “pipenella pipsqueak”. If she had a magic lamp she would wish for lots of money and happiness forever.


Phil Jeffery’s favourite thing about being in our show is playing his character of Wishee Washee. He has just returned from touring Queensland and has been involved in many musical productions, films and TV but this is he first time with us. He’s not interested in being stuck inside a lamp but if he had one he would wish for a nice house and a stable family. Lets hope he stays around to do more shows with us.


Shannon Logan teaches drama at Goulburn High and still gets called “droopy draws” by the director – not the correct way to speak to her serene highness Princess Baldroubadour! And of course she doesn’t do her laundry. It’s her mum who is staying for a while, and she even irons her flannel pj’s – bliss! If Shannon were trapped inside a lamp she would like room for someone else and a mirrored ball.


Mary McGregor is new to the Lieder and is enjoying working with our group and director Stan Henderson. Her magic lamp wish is for a grand piano for herself and one for the Lieder, how thoughtful. We hope that she will continue to work with our Company in the future, as her musical skills have been invaluable for this show. If she was trapped inside a lamp Mary would just play “Slave of the lamp” music so she could get out, how simple is that!


Doreen Mullen’s favourite thing about being in Aladdin is working with her friend Stan and enjoying communicating with the whole company of performers. She thinks Aladdin himself is just a bludger and hopes that if she was stuck inside a lamp she could get out quickly before someone lit it. Her magic lamp wish is for kindness between all people.


Jeremy Mutton has just discovered the joys of theatre production after attending work experience at Belvoir Street Theatre in Sydney. As Assistant stage manager he is only interested in the food after the show he says but if he got hold of a magic lamp he would wish for Spiderman’s powers.


David Nell is having heaps of fun playing opposite his dad in the show and as his mum does his laundry he has plenty of time to party, especially if he was stuck inside a lamp. And if he had a magic lamp of his own he would wish for even more endless fun. What a fun funny chap he is!


Grace Nell knows who does her laundry, her mum! She thinks its great being in Aladdin because she is meeting cool people. Grace attends after school drama classes at the theatre with Shelley, Linden and Jack and hopes that she wouldn’t be alone if she were stuck inside a lamp. And Stan’s nickname for her during rehearsals, “blossom”!


Marc Nell knows how much fun this show is as he was involved in the Lieder’s 1985 production directed by John Spicer. If Marc had a magic lamp he’d wish for an extra 3 hours a day to catch up on sleep. He feels that Aladdin is a boy of many talents who needs a job where he can express none of them.  Of course his favourite thing about being in the show is working next to his son. What a great team they make!


Glenn Simkus plays the Slave of the Lamp in his first role at the Lieder. If he had a magic lamp of his own he would be more loving and caring towards others and he would destroy all the money in the world so that we had to return to bartering. While inside the magic lamp Glenn practices his magic powers.


Shelley Taylor would play shadow puppets on the inside wall of her lamp if she was trapped in one. She is playing the Slave of the Ring and is in the chorus where here favourite bit is carrying the sponge for the Princess. Her wish is for all the animals in the world to be safe.


Josh Waters thinks of his character of Aladdin as a professional lamp-rubber and wish maker. He says that he just loves the singing and dancing, not to mention the crazy things that happen backstage during our shows. If he really had a magic lamp he would wish for 10000 free wishes, a rainbow, 2 super bouncy balls, a car made of confetti, flying shoes, an invisible shirt, a talking monkey, and an endless packet of Tim Tams.


Erad Weston has been involved in the activities of the Lieder Youth Theatre Company for a while but this is his first time as assistant stage manager with a mainstage show.  He is a bit scared to say what he thinks the director thinks of him but if he were stuck inside a lamp he’d just talk to himself and admire himself of course!


 Jack Weston attends after school drama classes at the Lieder and this is his second performance in a mainstage show for us. He enjoys rehearsals because Stan says some funny stuff and if ever he got hold of a magic lamp he would wish for a dragon to do whatever he wants.


Blair Woodcock thinks Aladdin is a bludger, would love to send his own washing home to be done – but its too far so he has to do it himself, revels in being evil for once playing the nasty Aberbanana, I mean Abanazar who is after the magic lamp. When he gets it he would wish for everything – money, big night’s out, and even world peace – as long as he can get up early enough to be on time for Blair at Brekky on Eagle.


Chrisjohn Hancock is learning all about being a stage manager in this show, a new role on the other side for him. He is developing great admiration for production people and of course the wonderful skills of our director Stan and his wonderful capable cast. Chrisjohn just leaves his laundry on the floor and wears dirty clothes at the moment and hopes no one notices. If he were trapped inside a lamp he would be very happy just to sleep and not tell anyone that he was there.