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Lieder Theatre Cast Profice
Melissa Chandler

Melissa joined the Lieder in 2002 to perform in our Christmas pantomime Pinocchio and since then has been involved in nearly every Lieder production since. She performed in the rehearsed reading of The Man Who and in our community peace festival at St Saviour's Cathedral Forks' n All (a feast for peace) She has performed in Stan Henderson's marvellous Christmas production of Old Time Music Hall, Away, Hating Alison Ashley, stage managed Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean and operated lights for Dead One Dome and Minefields and Miniskirts before taking time out to become married in 2004. She operated the sound for the Youth Theatre's Acrobatic Fire Show for the Blues Festival in February 2005 and returned to the Lieder stage as Mrs Melissa Chandler in Judith Boyd's hilarious Christmas comedy The Odd Couple (female version) in 2005. In 2006 she performed in Chrisjohn Hancock's production of The Memory of Water.