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Lieder Theatre Cast Profice
Matt Kay
Matt was last on the Lieder stage earlier this year in the return season of our popular comedy Ladies Night which also happened to be our end of year show in 2008. He joined the Lieder in 2005 to perform in Treasure Island and since then he has taken to the stage in our 2006 production of The Tempest and last year he took on three Shakespearian roles in our mid-winter production of Macbeth. Matt remembers his first theatrical experience was when he was in year 6 as a drunken hobo on a park bench, and then in year 10 in You Never Heard Such Unearthly Laughter. Last year he spent time as a roadie for Cirque du Soleilís touring production of Dralion, and in his spare time Mattís hobbies include martial arts, darts and basketball.