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Marc Nell
Marc first trod the Lieder boards with his father in 1973 playing a young prince in that Scottish play directed by John Spicer. The battle scene in the last act had him hooked.

He was last on stage in our Australian drama Inheritance creating violence of a different kind. Other productions include On a Day in Summer in a Garden, Dick Wittington, Scrooge, Money and Friends, Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mr A's amazing Maze Plays, Indians and On the Bridge, touring to Mudgee One-Act play festival.

In 2003 he played in Judith Boyd's comedy Sylvia, and in July of that year he performed in the peace feastival coordinated by the Lieder in St Saviour's Catheral - Forks'n All (A Feast for Peace).

Marc's last role at the Lieder was as Trinculo in The Tempest.