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History of theThe Lieder Theatre Goulburn Australia

The Lieder Theatre, formerly know as the Liedertafel Hall, was designed by Manfred and Sons and built in 1929 for the Goulburn Liedertafel Society (founded 1891). The building was constructed on the site of the two-storey wooden Lander's Hall acquired by the Society in 1908 to use for rehearsal.

Liedertafel means "song table" in German and is the common name for a male voice singing society.

The first stage production performed in the Liedertafel Hall was "3 Wise Fools" produced by Charles Morse in March 1930. During the 1930s the Hall served as an-all purpose venue. Apart from the Society's rehearsals and the occasional play production, eisteddfods, popular Saturday night dances, meetings, social gatherings and even boxing matches were held.

Meanwhile, major musical productions were staged at the Broadway cinema and other large venues, and it was not until after the Second World War that the Liedertafel Society used the Hall for all its productions. In 1969 major internal alterations were made dividing the interior into three - foyer, auditorium for 150 and a scenery and prop store.

In 1971 the Hall was re-named LIEDER THEATRE, home of the Lieder Southern Regional Theatre and evolving into The Lieder Theatre Company in the 1990s, and nurturing the Lieder Youth Theatre Company.

The beautiful custom-made leadlight windows featuring the Goulburn Liedertafel Lyre are part of the original construction.

The foyer contains not only the original wooden music stand, complete with lyre insignia, from which the lieder singing was conducted, but also historic photographic records of the Company's numerous productions.

Apart from the conversion in the 1970s of one set of leaded sash windows into showcases, painting, the addition of Lieder Theatre signs, the removal of iron gates from the main entrance, and necessary repairs such as door-cladding, the exterior of the building remains as it was on the date of its opening Thursday 22nd August 1929.