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The Lieder Theatre Company
celebrating 120 years

Presents the World premiere of
Captain Rossi and the Bishop of Goulburn
written by John Spicer
directed by Chrisjohn Hancock
Performances on
Friday 18th Saturday 19th Wednesday 23rd Friday 25th Saturday 26th March at 8pm
Sunday 20th at 4pm & Saturday 26th at 2pm

Full price $25    Seniors $20    Members and groups $15    Children under 12yrs $10

Purchase tickets online at www.liedertheatre.com
or in person at Michael Connolly Chemist 312 Auburn St Goulburn
or phone the Lieder Theatre in Goldsmith St Goulburn on (02) 4821 5066

The opening night fundraiser on Friday 18th March will be raising money for the International Day of People with a Disability. All tickets for opening night are $20 and include a supper with drinks, commencing at 7:30pm.
For tickets phone Kim on (02) 4823 4498.

The Lieder Theatre Company presents an amazing and entertaining slice of local history in its latest production opening on Friday 18th March. Captain Rossi and the Bishop of Goulburn, written by John Spicer and directed by Chrisjohn Hancock, continues the Lieder's celebration of 120 years of entertainment in our community.

Captain Rossi and the Bishop of Goulburn is set in Goulburn in 1887, twenty four years after the town had been proclaimed a city, Australia's first inland city. A city because it held the seat for an Anglican bishop; Bishop Mesac Thomas who oversaw the completion of Goulburn Cathedral's first stage in 1885. He was the driving force who raised the twenty five thousand pounds needed to undertake the mighty task, believing that the bell tower complete with spire would be erected shortly after.

The play deals with the real events which threw the Goulburn Cathedral into a dispute receiving world-wide coverage and lasting ten years.  The Goulburn Cathedral dispute is complex and convoluted to the point that historians today find it difficult to explain clearly. But there’s little doubt that the placing of a memorial plaque by Captain Rossi of Rossiville, in the Cathedral without permission from the Bishop caused a major stir in the community and led to an almost unbelievable sequence of events over Christmas of 1887. The play touches on these amazing events, and provides an enlightening and comic look at our city's past heroes and personalities.

Captain Rossi and the Bishop of Goulburn is a humorous look at part of our local history and the colourful figures who helped shape our city 125 years ago.

The fantastic local cast features Bruce Gerard, Greg Seckold, Martin Sanders, Christine Bentley, Jo Cooper, Lyn Lace, Brian Hill, Shane Daly, Amanda Aitken, Kyle McKenna and Gosh Waters.

For those who don’t know, Captain Rossi was the ‘mad count’ whose family once owned vast tracts of land to the west of the city. Artistic Director Chrisjohn Hancock describes Rossi as a “trouble maker…odd, mad and just a cantankerous character”. It was this wonderfully unique character who locked himself in St Saviour’s Cathedral for 8 days after a dispute with the Bishop.

Rossi attracted a large crowd of over 700 followers outside the Cathedral, some of them so supportive that they fed him through the keyhole with a hose!

When the local constabulary finally removed him from the Cathedral, he lay down in the gutter and waited for the local press to photograph him.  Rossi was certainly ahead of his time in knowing how to attract media attention!
Captain Rossi’s removal from the Cathedral, photo courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales.

Come along to the Lieder Theatre’s production of ‘Captain Rossi and the Bishop of Goulburn’ to find out what happened in the Cathedral, learn more about Goulburn’s colourful history and enjoy a fantastic night of theatre!